Sound question...don't be scared! have a look

hi all…

let’s say that i have 4 sounds/wav’s in 4 differnent mc’s…


i want one to play when it’s button is clicked and the other three to stop…

now you can’t do this via simple tell target actions, because the soud keeps playing to the end of it’s original loop [say 16 bars]…

does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone run into this problem before and found a solution???

i can not get my head round the ‘sound’ actions, which i pressume you will use to start and stop the sounds/wavs…



p.s. does anyone else find that…we put all this hard work into our flash sites and only fellow flashers truly appreciate the work that has gone into them???..

people i show my sites to just say “oooh that’s pretty”… :lol:


The MC’s first frame in STOP?
If NO,Please add it in first frame,then use “tell target” and “play”.

–cink, I compliment you on your very polite answer!–
Indeed, you could try using a stop in the 1st frame, and sending the other clips there. Or you load’em in to play, and unload all others (or load into same level/ target).

And I so much agree with what you said at the end, when I showed v1 of Eyezberg to my father, he said “And what is this good for?”… people look a few secs, go"yeah nice" 'n that’s it…if they don’t use Flash!
But in a few years, Flash will have taken over the Net!
So to hell, keep tweening and coding and drawing and loading!
(hey, that’s a poem! lol :slight_smile: )

Indeed, I do believe that Flash will eventually take over the net. It has everything, and can do a lot better job than Javascript in some cases. Virtually everything can be accomplished within the realms of Flash. But, there is still that problem of using Tables. I hear it can’t be accomplished at the current moment in time, and I’d rather not hand draw all my tables that I wish to use.

Hmm…Oh well. We’ll see what happens as time moves along.

thanks for the replies guy’s but u r missing a vital part of the post…R.e:

if a music sample is played in flash…it will keep playing for as long as the sample is… [10 secs/16 bars]

i need to control the sample [wav] via action script…

any more idea’s???

eyzeberg…i here u bro!!! it can be dis-hearting…sometimes!

…what’s the url 2 your site?

r30buff…all flash needs in my opinion is more compatibility with ASP… ooooh a flash/ud hybrid…nice!!!


i think i will post the ‘p.s.’ comment in the random flash topics…

if you put your sounds in their own movies, and set them to stream, they synch with the timeline. hence, if you stop the movie, the sound stops.


streaming never produced decent looping in my case.

that’s true,

maybe use a sound object.

groovy = new Sound(sound1);

this creates a sound object and attaches it to a clip named sound1. attaching it to a clip allows for individual control. the clip can be empty, in fact that’s probably a good idea.


this attaches the sound “groove”, to the groovy sound object. name your sound by right clicking it in the library and selecting “linkage”.

the rest is easy like pie.


this will start the sound playing. specify the offset in seconds, so to play from the start, say 0, one second in, 1. loops is how many times to loop, 9999 will play for a long time.


i’m not going to explain that one. ; )


i have done something simular:

first frame:

stop ();
zerosam = new Sound();

and on the start + stop butts:

stat butt:

on(release) {

stop butt:

on(release) {

and to load the music just used the load movie action…

i think if i chage 1,100 to 0,100 i will get a better loop as seem to be getting a little kink in it…

the samples were to big to have them all in one movie…

any improvments???


the little glitches i was getting was from my mp3 compresser…

u get whAT U PAY 4



here’s a nice open source mp3 wav converter

something that i encountered while playing with the sound object is that i could start multiple copies of the same sound by clicking the start button repeatedly.

to solve this i tested for a “playing” variable which i would set on and off in the same actions as the sound. ie. if(!playing){mysound.start;playing=1;} and mysound.stop();playing=0;

good thinking to load them externally.



i was wondering about that…

oooh… just tried it out…v.nice!

the mp3 looks gooda!


wow great solution guys!!

but I have a few questions… when I added this into the first frame of the movie it loads as 593Kb

joyful = new Sound(joyful_clip);

what did I do wrong…? I’m trying to reduce the file size but still have the song play for the duration of the movie without having to make the move 1000+ frames long ( with streaming sound setting)

is there any way…? HELP!

please and thanks :slight_smile: