Advice for implimenting image map menu concept


I have very little Flash experience, just took a summer course recently though. I have a concept in mind but not sure how to go about it and need some direction from someone experienced.

The concept:
[]I have a bitmap image of a person with open hand extended forward toward the viewer.[/LIST][LIST]
]I want the hand to become active on mouse over and enlarge slightly toward the viewer (possibly a motion tween?) and at the same time I also want each individual finger to act as navigation to control photos that would be brought into view from another place in the main timeline.

[]Can someone please outline what steps I need to take. I have been working on this for days and going around in circles.[/LIST][LIST]
]Would I separate the hand from the image in Photoshop and import the hand as an individual Movie Clip symbol with a motion tween? How do I go about making active regions on the hand or do I make the hand a button symbol?[/LIST]
I was thinking I would make the hand a separate movie clip within the main timeline. It’s alll a bit confusing to me. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.