Advice on making a cd-rom. embed movie

Hi! I’m still around after a week or two of heavy work to do at job. Now i’m a little bit relaxed, i’m facing a new challenge with flash, and i need a little bit of advice.

I’m making a cd-rom for a friend of mine who has a rock band, and we want to include a video-clip of the band on it. I’m making the interface with flash and i was wondering if it was better to embed the movie into the proyector (if so, how do you do that??? Which is the better type of file for that??) or if its better to leave it outside the proyector and call it by fscommand.

If you leave it outside, the user must have the plug in to see the movie, right???

I gues its better to put the movie inside the proyector, because this way you’ll get only one .exe file. But i have no idea of the way of doing that… (other way is making it swf??? But i need to know anyway the best way to embed it):q: :q:

As you see, i’m a sea of doubt… any ideas??


Do you mean that u want to publish the flash as a projector rather than a swf file?

If so go to ‘publish settings’ from the file menu and in the ‘formats’ tab choose projector (mac or windoze) and click ‘publish’.