Advice on Quality Assurance techniques?

I’m a solo-freelancer (mainly a designer-flash programmer) and starting to do more progamming, mainly in Flash. I’d like to hear about best practices or approaches for good Quality Assurance.

I’d like to hear about your approach to QA’in a website. Do you do it yourself on a bunch of PCs in your office? Hire a company or freelance-contractor to test and log defects?

I work on an MacBook Pro in 10.4.10, I’ve got Visa running with Parallels. Love the Mac with the Intel inside, but I feel like having a dedicated ‘basic’ setup on a PC is going to be a requirement if I plan to do more sites that are dynamic.

It used to be I’d build a site in Flash, publish it and be almost guaranteed the same experience across browsers/platforms if the user had the Flash Player plugin. (except when fps and fonts come into play mac vs pc – oh remember those days?) Should it matter what kind of content is loading, xml, html, flv, swfs?

  • my latest experience -
    The latest site is almost totally finished, the design company I built the site for has been pretty happy and the client, a restauranter, was well pleased. Except when he visits the site on the PC at the restaurant where he experiences a bug, some content doesn’t load. Frustrating!! I can’t really tell to much about what his setup is other than PC/IE – I may have to email him directly to find out exactly what he’s got there… not even sure if I can tell me and of course, he’s a busy guy… i’m sure he doesn’t want to be bothered with my crazy tech questions. I guess it could have been the webhost… but then why would some content load and other content not, hmmmm-arrrh!

I’d appreciate any advice you can offer. I’m curious for any stories or solutions you have for problems like this one.