Advice please

Hi folks,
I’ve just received this mail

Hey there… I saw your tutorials on and it’s a shame that you have these skills and no host so I decided to give you free hosting.

Let me know if this is of interest to you.

All I ask is that you give credit to me when credit is due that’s all.

Email me back here or [email protected]

This is where you would get your hosting from

Check out the special plan… i’ll give you it for free.

I was flattered at first, so I wanted to mail back immediately, but it looks like a too-good-to-be-true kind of deal. Has anyone heard about that kind of things, or about


I’d be skeptical…But then I don’t trust offers that seem too good to be true. :smirk:

They mentioned your work on which leads you to think they might be genuine, but even so I’d be wary…

Ilyas. You should be flattered, but not from this guy. He is just trying to get $/credit from the referral to have you sign up with them. That is why he wants credit where credit is due.

I dont think you need validation… your skills do rock.

oops, I reached 1000 posts and forgot to celebrate.

Then again, I had a bunch of posts on the old kirupa site…

ah… good times!

Pom if you need space I can give you a folder on one of my domains. I can write up an upload script so that you wouldn’t even need to enter the control panel… let me know if you are interested… I could have it up in a week or so…

I had that happen to me once. This service gave me free hosting but after a month or so, they started cutting my options like FTP and reduced space. Eventually, it got to the point where they seemed to be making me pay to continue the service. So I abandoned them and just started using my college webspace which really isn’t bad (30mb).

Thank you very much, Jubby, I really appreciate, and if I do need space some day, I’ll ask you :slight_smile: But I don’t need anything for the moment, I was just wondering…

Ilyas :beam:

Yeah, I personally wouldn’t go for such a deal. No one offers anything for free… they are trying to better themselves thru you… :frowning:

Ilyas: As stated before they are only offering you free hosting because if you refer people to them and put a link on your site to them on your page they will get more business. It is kind of like how Kirupa gets free hosting from Media Temple.

The thing is though, if they don’t get enough business from you, they will usually start cutting back on what they give you. Eventually possibly booting you.

Kirupa got the hosting because media temple knows his site gets many hits and they have more chance of getting business.

These people don’t know how many people would visit your site, so they are most likely offering it as a long shot because you are good at scripting and they think many people will visit. So I think that if their needs were not met, they would just stop giving you free hosting.… ca marche plutot bien :wink:

Ilyas: Just like kit, I can lend you some free space on my server as well. If you ever need any :slight_smile:

as for the flattering mail, tell him to stuff it :stuck_out_tongue:

eilsoe >> OK, I will :stuck_out_tongue:

Eyez >> Je sais. Mais c’est moins classe :beam: