My hosting

Kirupa said i could put this post here but if neone has a problem please delete it

I’ll give u a plan

1gig data transfer
php 4.3.8
1 mysql database
$1.99 a month
Add-ons like cpanel (extra fee)

2gigs data transfer
php 4.3.8
Own Domain
2 mysql database
$4.99 a month
Add-ons like cpanel (extra fee)

3gigs data transfer
php 4.3.8
Own Domain
5 Sub-Domain’s
3 mysql Databases
$10.99 a month

4gigs Data transfer
php 4.3.8
Own Domain
unlimited sub-domains
4 mysql databases
$19.99 a month

Free AKA Beginner Hosting… 20megs space, php, 1gig bandwidth.
Addons $1 mysql $1 invision and/or phpbb (free if installing manually) $2 and more one time payments for addons.

if u need a domain just $8’s a year and I only offer paypal

So if u want a plan please im me at bs411thnx4callin

Wow, that free beginner hosting sounds nice. Any ads?

nope ad free but just a litle hint if u put a banner on ur page upgrades will be in store

i dont have AIM or messaging you are using, and i am very interested in the free package. how should i contact you?

what’s the subdomain (im just assuming there’s one) for the beginner free package, because it looks appetizing.

Can you tell me more about free package? 20MB is more than enough for my degree project…thanks

I changed free package to 35megs

Nice man your free package and some of your other packages beat bigger hosters like tripod and free webs but i don’t quite see why someone would buy the bronze package if its a subdomain if they could just get the free one and still be a sub domain?But the 10 day money back garentee off to the side is a little hard to see which i guess would help you wouldn’t it?

Ok Thanks I am trying to make my hosting really good so im gonna listen to all suggestions

my recommendation? Take down the SQL database limit. That is pointless. Also take off the donation thing. NO ONE will ever donate to a hosting company.

it doesn’t hurt to have it there does it?

not that looks are everything…but your site could use a few improvements (imo)…i bet a better designed site would entice people to use your hosting…but the plans are pretty cheap :slight_smile:

He wasn’t asking for a critique of his site guys. He’s simply informing us of new hosting that is available to us. And obviously he’s trying to do something good for the community offering a free hosting package. I for one am thankful, but reading through some comments, I see why more people don’t do stuff for the community.

Thanks my3mbers for the great hosting opportunity.

edit: There you go, much better phrasing.

mr. responsible ^^

<< Mr. Grateful.

<< MR. I’m ashamed :trout:

nice offer here! :slight_smile: will i or any other members really get the server though, it sounds to good to be tru!!

lol I know it does but i really need money and Thats why i am doing this if i have good hosting there will be money coming in. Also if u get free hosting and refer someone to pay for the silver plan i will through in cpanel and fantastico

If u have something other then paypal please let me know then i’ll use it to process your payments