After Effects?

Ive been doing alot of looking as of late for idea for web design and to see how guy stucture things, and what Ive notice is alot of guy use After Effects along with flash and there webdesign.

Does anyone know a real good site with alot of tutorials about after effects and using with flash and html. From beginnnee to advance.

Thx guys for the info!


After Effects

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WHY do we continually get this question 3 times a week!!!

Next time Ill use the search engine.

You don’t need to apologize… you’re new here. :smiley:

It’s okay. :wink:

newbie licence for kirupa…yes.

mmm After Effects :love:

i want to tell you there are a lot of links in this list are’t work, and why Kirupa don’t has a lot of tutorials about After Effect. i think it’s time to update our tutorial section espical in AE, there is no tutorials except one.
so can the expert people make new becasue i see a lot of Kirupians (including me) ask for AE.

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And herehere at the AE Tuts thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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can you explain to me what are you trying to do?

To be honest I just want to start from the begining. Ive stuck to flash and ps for almost the last 2 years and just would like to expand my knowledge is all. One of the best links out of those I found specially if you wanna get to know the program is…

You have to register but big deal they have alot of good tutorial videos.

Actually Im looking to make a motion blur effect like when your driving real fast and thing just blur by.

Photoshop, Filters=>Blur=>Motion Blur :sigh:

It’s ok, you’ll learn :wink:

First of Im not some newb. I was talking about After effect not ps so this would mean that I want this effect in a animated video. Almost the usual tunnel effect you see but with no tunnel. Like when all the guns came up in the training part of the matrix. The blur effect wizing past them. So what I want to know is how to creat this effect In After effects.

I dont mean to sound harsh but if I wanted to do it in ps I would have, But then again I m new here so you dont really know what my skill level is.

Peace guys and thx for any help!

ok settle settle settle. :slight_smile:

there is a check box in the timeline for individual footage items which allows motion blur to be turned on or off. The blur will only occur once key frames are added.

and you’ll never guess it but this IS covered in the HELP FILES that come with AE so…newb or not!!

Yes but I usual dont find the help files actually that helpful. Maybe Im not making Im not asking clear enough. I want something like this but with actually motion to make it look like the side are whizing by you.

I realize after that my post look alitle harsh I really didnt mean anything by it.

it’s very easy to make motion blur.
in time line, frame one choose motion blur effect and then change it to your needs, go to lsat frame ( i don’t know how much your duration) and change it or rest filter.
it’ll make 2 rectangel one in the first frame and other in the end.
try it and i think you’ll do it so easy :smiley:
in this image what i mean.
go to this link and see how it works
i hope this help you :smiley:

or you could simpily use a radial blur that you switch over to zoom.
look at attached image below…

and regarding the tutorials for ae, i have tried to organise a few things but they are taking time, be patient they will happen sooner or later.