After Effects with Flash MX- possibly "Motion Blur" effect

This site used an effect that I am trying to reproduce for my daughters porfolio and wanted to confirm what the name of the effect was. Now I am assuming that they used After Effects, but I could be wrong. Is anyone familiar with this technique that they used in creating this site? If it’s the motion blur does anyone have a tutorial in how to replicate this technique?


I don’t know the name of the effect, but it’s most likely done in Premier or After Effects.

The effects used in site06 are a bit more complex than a single effect could replicate. He has used taken video footage of all those transitions then cut out as many frames as possible. He’s also used radial blurs to tie the choppy sequence together, and created the frames of motion at very low quality. The effect that he used itself (radial blur) is very easy to achieve, but putting all the frames together with the right amount of blur on each so that it looks like movement probably took a good amount of tweaking and refinement. As far as a tut goes, I would just dive into it, take some footage and try to cut it up and blur it in AE.