Again a pausing problem. Help please

I am in frame 1 and have let’s say 3 layers with a MC in each layer. I animate these MCs by onEnterFrame:
delete this.onEnterFrame;
} //and the same for MC2 and MC3
Now I have all three MCs on the stage.
After animating MC3, I want to animate MC1 again with another onEnterFrame and I want MC2 and MC3 remain on the stage.
Do I have to move to frame 2? Or there is a method that I can do this from frame 1 too? The there must be a delay method for MC1 to wait MC3 is finished and then MC1 begins again.

Any help on this please?


Any help on this please? I have an example file here.

Maybe the problem lies in using the delete command? Once it is gone it is gone for good…you probably need to use another way to accomplish what you are trying to do.

I think delete might be one of those absolutes…

Insert this code after the the frame, that is where you want to wait for next trigger event. For example if you want to stop the movie at 3 frame of a movieclip u shoudl insert this into the fourth frame of the MC. Pls check the comments in the code…

if (start == undefned){
start = getTimer ()/1000;
counter = getTimer ()/1000;

if (counter - start < 3){
gotoAndPlay(_currentframe - 1);
}else {
start = undefined;

//The rest of the conditions you can apply here

//End conditions

Sorrry after downloaded your source file i think the last answer i’ve given is not useful. I really wish to help you to this matter may be on tomorrow. I’m in a little hurry to finish some works for myself. Ok… see u again sooner or later .