AJAX Lightbox

Just thought I’d share the wealth of this extremely cool app


I’m sure that’s so hot… except that it’s completely dead in Omniweb.

about as dead as Omniweb


that’s pretty dirty. good find, simp.

light box is cool, i’ve been using the first one for a while. i was drooling when i saw this new version. ooohhhh baby

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You just wait until the latest version of webkit is implemented. Then who’ll be talking? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

very nice :slight_smile:

thanks nokrev…now i know what omniweb is…it took some googling though :book:

nice find! amazing…i thought it was flash!!!

People still pay for browsers???/ :huh:

You’ve got to try this thing… it’s unbelievable. :wink:

nice find simp


very nice! great find!

wow!! thats really cool… will surely use it some where (-:

This is cool. I will definately look to using this…Dammit I gotta learn Ajax.

Omniweb stastics (Year to Date)

0.00000034567% of total internet users (worldwide) use Omniweb and we believe his name is nokrev

  • Nielsen Ratings 2005 Internet Statistics

Jon Hicks (the guy who designed the FF logo) likes it. :wink:


that’s hilarious ddd.

Too funny.

Thanks for the link simp~!

I’m on the beta list for the webkit version. That’ll be sweet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: