Alberta willams king

After all the years of reading/hearing/learning about Martin Luther King Jr. Last night was my first time finding out that his mother (alberta williams king) was shot and killed in a church in atlanta (story below)… I ask myself why am i just finding this out now? (i have the answers to that ) , but is there anyone else as late as I am…I actually feel a lil embarrased that i didnt know this important event in history …

June 30th

Alberta W. King
On this date in 1974, Mrs. Alberta Williams King, the mother of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was shot and killed.

The murder happened as she sat at the organ in the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Again, through an act of violence, there ended a life that was totally nonviolent, a life that was thoroughly spiritual, a life that reflected love for all persons and unselfish service to humankind. Once more, the indomitable faith of the King family was tested, and again love prevailed amid sadness.

The Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr., struck by the violent deaths of his two sons and by the tragic death of his wife Alberta, said at her funeral service on July 3, “I cannot hate any man.”

Hell I didn’t know either. Kinda strange. I’ve been told MLK’s (hehe) life story over and over and never heard of that.