Aliens Contacted Me!

Er, so I know this SOUNDS stupid and crazy, but hear me out.
So tonight I was just sitting around, browsing the web and listening to music, same ol’ same ol’. And as a song by the strokes ends, I notice a weird sound - and it was repeating, sorta consistant. I shut my music down, and it continued. I thought it might have been from some other source; shut off speakers, it stops; turn them on, it is there.
Now I’ve had my computer mess up sometimes: skip on a sound that the OS makes or something, but there as no initial sound, and I think the sound shows that it’s not really very natural sounding. I tried to record it, and finally, luckily had my 8track with a built in internal mic, so I got about 4 mins of it.

I trimmed it to one, here .