Aligning with wmode transparent, h100% w100%

Hi everyone,

I’m having some difficulties aligning my movie in the browser.

I have a 750x500px movie with dimension set to 100% width & height, Windowmode is transparent windowless, HTML alignment default, No scaling, Flash alignment center center.

The problem is that the top part of my movie gets cut off. I didn’t notice this when i was making it cause i was working on a 1280x1024 computer at the time, but viewing it on this 1024x756 computer produces the cut off. At 800x600 the cutoff is even greater. It seems like my movie is set at a fixed height margin in html, but it isnt.
How can i make it so my movie’s center is at the center of the screen?

I’m really puzzled by this one. I tried fiddling around with all the publish settings but nothing seems to work.