Alignment and Colors of the text in the scroll

I made this scroll according the instructions of the Scroll Tutorial using Flash MX. I didn’t have any problem to made it (it’s very easy).

But I have other problem now. I need to use different colors in the text of the scroll. I make the changes without any problem in the FLA file, but when I export the file (swf), the changes that I made doesn’t have effect. I mean the FLASH MX consider only a text using only one color or one type of letter. At the same time when I export the file, the Flash MX not consider the “justify” alignment, only the left, center or right.

Please help me because I wiil use this scroll solution in a site that I making.


Hi my friends. Happily I solve the problem. I send the FLA file and the SWF with a txt file.

With pacience I solve the problem. If you check the code in the actions panel of the FLA file, I call to the profile.txt file. And in the [COLOR=blue]profile.txt[/COLOR] file, I put the text, but in HTML format. But before make thi, I select the “render text as html” option in the Properties Panel of the Text Field (named “texto”)

The code is:

loadVarsText = new loadVars();
//assign a function which fires when the data is loaded:
loadVarsText.onLoad = function(success) {
if (success) {
trace(“done loading”);
//Now that we know the data is loaded,
//set the text content of the Text Field
//with the instance name “scroller” equal to the
//contents of the variable
[COLOR=blue]texto[/COLOR].html = true;
[COLOR=blue]texto[/COLOR].htmlText = this.[COLOR=blue]var1[/COLOR]
} else {
trace(“not loaded”);


PD: “[COLOR=blue]texto[/COLOR]” in the code is the name of the text instance. “[COLOR=blue]var1[/COLOR]” is the variable inside the [COLOR=blue]profile.txt[/COLOR] file.