Scrollable text and HTML

Hi, I have 2 questions;
I’m using the scrollbar component in Flash MX for a text field. Is there any way that I can have different colours or styles(eg bold text) for headings on certain lines, as when I do this, it changes the rest of the text as well.
Also, I have tried using an external HTML file to link to instead but it is not working.
I set the variable for the text field to “page1” in the text options and use this actionscript on the frame:
LoadVariablesNum (“page1.html”, 0);
I then added “page1=” right before the HTML tag in the HTML document itself. ( I read this all in a book)
Apparently Flash should read the HTML file but I’ve only got a blank window. I’m not sure what’s wrong.
They are probably stupid questions but I’m new to all this so any help would be greatly appreciated.