All browsers but IE work in this problem

I am in the process of developing a simple chat program that requires php.

[COLOR=“Red”]PROBLEM [/COLOR] - Internet Explorer can send and receive information within this program which Chrome and Firefox can see, however unless the IE page is refreshed, it won’t be able to see any new messages, neither from itself or any other browser.

Here is the process:

Flash (as3) —> PHP —> SQL

Flash is the UI which sends information to PHP which sends information to SQL, and back.

The program is currently coded to refresh the FLASH GUI every 1 second. If logged in using a any browser other than IE, you can send a message and all browsers except IE will be able to automatically refresh the Flash and see messages. Obviously, I need IE to do the same.

Is there some kind of security feature with IE? Is this a simple fix?

Here is the program:

Any help is greatly appreciated.