Almost embarassed to ask this

I want to add an email link (like mailto:[email protected]?subject=whatever in HTML) to a button and I just can’t figure it out!!! Help!

Noone knows how to put an email link in Flash??? :x

I don’t know why people don’t reply either!!!

It take 5 hours to get someone to reply to mine no matter what message board i’m in in any site!!

geez guys - settle down! it is the weekend, also if you actually searched the site or you’d find answers to your problems in a few seconds… :-\

to make an email link:

on (release) {
getURL(“mailto:[email protected]”);

just put that actionscript into the button code.


Still don’t work.

The code I’m using for the button is:

on (release) {
getURL("mailto:[email protected]");

No dice…

Ahhh…I got it to work.

Seems that when testing or viewing the page in a simple flash player the mailto: function won’t do a thing…the page has to be viewed in a browser to function. Ya learn something every day!

Anyway, I just completed my first flash website if anyone cares to look. Its an image gallery for my cel collection.