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Mannnn, ole mannnn, I sure hope someone can shed some light on this and tell me what in the heck is going on, I am doing a simple email link in Flash MX and can’t believe its not working. I have done countless of these in flash 5. The code I have is what I have always done only a little different with other options in MX but I just leave those blank when its email link. I have even tried taking this out of the MC and put it on the main timeline to test it and still don’t work. Can someone bail me out of this hold up please?
Appreciate it.

on (release) {
getURL("mailto:[email protected]");

this is what I do too… mine always works…


u sure u have it assigned to a button instance?

HEYYYYY eilsoe
Thanks for quick response, How do I assign it to a button instance? I have never had to do that before. Where do I put or how I go about doing that with the code I have already?

well, just create a square (for example), hit f8 and assign a name to it as usual, make sure u have “button” hacked off…

The right click the button and choose actions, then just put in the code u have:

getUrl("mailto:[email protected]");

that should do it…

works for me…

Well the code is correct. You didn’t say what didn’t work.

If you’re using

[COLOR=blue]on (release) {
getURL ("mailto:[email protected]")

it should work. It doesn’t have to be on a button. It can be on a movie clip to. If the user’s email app is configured correctly, then it should work.

yeah… my outlook isn’t configured right just yet… mine doesn’t work rght now either… it did a few days ago, but winXP messed up my profiles!! ggrrr…

My Friends,
This is really ticking me off! I am doing exactly what you all are reviewing, and I was doing it right all along, but why isn’t it working?? This is crap… This has never done this before, like I said, I have done this million times with flash 5, only difference is new version but the code is the same. Geeeeze, Why do I put myself through this :stuck_out_tongue:

               So what now?  Does that mean I have a problem with program or OS or whatever the case may be? This is crazy.

                I appreciate you guys and gals helping me very much.

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try this, if the code is waht u see above, and u run the movie and click like crasy on whatever’s u’r button thingy, and nothing happends, try saving and publishing it somewhere on your HDD WITH html file created too, THEN run that html document with the flash file in it!

Worked for me, I just tested it! I just don’t understand why it doesn’t do it in flashMX…

When I run it under MX it works. Maybe the way your have your email app configured…

eilsoe !!!

 I hope your still up and see this, but I am just about fell over, that was exactly right!  It worked by trying it in an html document . I never in my mind thought of that especially since I get my work done before I upload it to the server to be placed on the web.  I can't believe I racked my brain for almost going on the second day.  I am sure this thread will help other newbies into flash MX.  I am a happy camper now. I had to get this done tonight, the client which happens to be friend of mine works for local newstation here and he patened an idea, make a long story short the website will be going on the news tomorrow night so I was under heavy pressure to get this done tonight. Thanks a bunch, If it wasn't for this forum, I would be lost. Have a good one. :)
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glad I could help Rock! :stuck_out_tongue:

But it should still work directly from FlashMX though…

I tried looking through my outlook configuration, but couldn’t find anything useful.

How about u flex, any idea why?

I still don’t know why - probably one of those obvious things.

usually is…