Alpha or fade out


I got issues. I am not sure if I amsupposed to use “alpha” or the “fade out” method to make it seem like a thin transparent sheet appears then disappears to reveal the information on my page.

What do I do anyone know how I can go about doing this. A prime example of what I am trying to do is the alpha part on the interface.

their site doesnt have the look of a thin transparent piece of paper to me it all looks like the flash equivelant of “how many photoshop filters can we cram into one image with no concept” classic example of techs turned flashers. heh … i’m not fond of their work … can you tell?

but if i were trying to make a thing transparent piece of paper i might take a scan of a piece of tracing paper and fade that in or out as the background behind my image that way you get the inconsitencies and texture of real paper rather than the smooth unrealistic flash gradient. but i think either of the methods you listed till do the job if thats what you want to do.

hope this helps

You can check a tutorial on the main page of this site, something about text fading.

And if you allow me to be touchy, I’d say that _alpha is not a method but a property, and the “fade out” method doesn’t exist :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

Not sure what yr on about exactly,

I would suggest you create a tween of however many frames you want, set the alpha of the thin sheet to 100 in the first frame and 0 in the last frame of the tween.

this will give the effect of the sheet being totally opaque and fade away to be totally transparent. if you don’t want it 100% opaque set the alpha lower than 100%

100% alpha = opaque
xx% alpha = neither transparent nor opaque
0% alpha = transparent

and I prefer new to the 2advanced site.