I need a little help :)

Well i might sound like a n00bie with this question but that’s only because…i am. With flash anyway. I want to know how to have text fade in or out. I’ve tried setting the fill to transparant but it just doesnt do it. Please help :frowning:

create the text then select it and hit F8… this will convert it to a symbol. Then create a new Movie Clip and place two instances of your text… say one at frame 1 and the other at 25. Create a motion tween between these two frames (if you are on MX just right click any frame between the two key frames and select create motion tween). Then select the text in the 1st frame, and look at the properties and set alpha to zero. Now if you play it it will fade in from frame 1 to 25… play with it as you like.

PS… this can also be done completely with actionscipt, but being a newbie I figured this would be best - if you want to hear the other way, just post.


Just to be a pain, there is also a tutorial here…


What version of Flash are you using?

ahh. you don’t even need to go through all that trouble. No need to make it a movie clip at all… Flash will make it a “graphic” symbol with you create a motion tween on the frame.

Make a blank layer.
Select the text tool, choose a font and size and click on the stage where you want the text to start.
Type out your text.
Select the keyframe where your text begins on the timeline. Use menu option “Insert/Create Motion Tween”
Select a frame say 20 or so frames after that one on the same layer. Hit F6 to make a keyframe.
With that keyFrame selected, open up your “Effects” panel. In the drop down menu select “Alpha”. Move the slider that apears to 0 (or you can just type it in the window and hit enter)

That’s all there is to it.

To do it with action script is pretty easy too.

Type out the text. Select it and hit F8. Choose “movieClip” from the pulldown menu.

Open the action panel and then select the text movie clip if it’s not already selected.

paste this code in the action panel.


if you want the movie clip to wait for something to happen before it fades out… that’s a little more tricky. Ask and I’ll explain that one.

(both of the above methods work with both 5.0 and MX)

I only asked what version was in use because I was thinking about moving this thread to the correct one.

I think anyway you do an alpha fade it will work in both MX and Flash, unless you are using ultra advanced AS.

you are correct though… and we’re getting a lot of these posts in the wrong forum these days. Move it away. In general I think it should go in the 5.0 forum because anything from 5.0 should work relatively well in MX with little if any alteration.

I would rather just wait to see what version they use.