Why is it that you can only change the alpha on certain objects?
If i want to make, for example an imported image fade in or out, what do i have to do to it, so that it allows me to change the alpha?
Thanks for any help you can give me

easy enough. Alpha can be set through the effects panel on any “Button”, “Graphic symbol”, or “Movie Clip”.

keep in mind that a “tween” in the library is a default name given to an object which is created when one makes a motion tween. That is why you can set the “effect” alpha on motion tweened keyframes.

So… if you were looking to just set the alpha of say a jpg that you imported. Select it on the stage and hit F8.

You only have to pick “graphic” for it to work, but if you’d like to set the _alpha of the object during run time, you’ll have to make it a movie clip so that it can have an “instance” name.