Am i stupid or just lil' crazy?

i was riding my s****y bike yesterday and i was trying to jump off over 1m high wall (with almost no place-to-brake-after-the-jump) and gues what…
i have bruises and scratches all over the area of my nose and a “cut” on my forehead (just in the middle - after taking off the suture i’ll look like Harry Potter :lol:) wee

I would try/pull it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i did

i jumped perfectly, but my brakes did their work just TOO WELL…

hahaha :trout:


my bike is a piece of crap :wink:

i’m going to buy myself a better one (ASA i’ll sell this one and get some cash)
i want to have dual bike (hard-tail)

you could losen your brakes a little if that’s the problem :sigh:

Does it always seem that everyone in Poland has a bike?
My grandfather who lives in Krokow, has like 20 old bikes, and also my aunt does too?

  1. it was about the speed and landing place :slight_smile:
  2. it’s ‘Krakow’