AMFPHP Multiple Argument Passing Problem


Im trying to do something that i was hoping would be simple:

Example Flash Code

public function callService (Service:String, onSuccess:Function, onFailed:Function, Params:Object)
            var res:Responder = new Responder(onSuccess, onFailed);
  , res, Params);

Example PHP Code

function example($intID, $strName)
 .. Do Stuff

Now as the PHP file is requesting 2 arguments im a bit unsure as to how im supposed to lay out the Params object so PHP knows what the 2 arguments areā€¦

So i could do something like:

Params["intID"] = 1;
Params["strName"] = "test";
callService ("exampleService.example", doYay, doNay, Params);

I hope this makes sense, if im being vauge or you want more information fire away!