An item that costs more, the more you buy it

Hey everyone,

I’m making a little game, and, well, long story short - you have money in it, and with that money you can buy upgrades, that can help you get EVEN MORE money, like a lot of games today.
I want to do, so that each time you buy an upgrade, the next upgrade will cost more.
My question is how can I do it? Do I have to manually write down each upgrade cost, or can I use some kind of mathematical equation that’ll automatically do it?

Note that I just started Flash, and my ActionScript is very, very weak. I know just basic commands, so if you can, please include a script and explain to me what it does, so I can learn from the future :slight_smile:

Also, I have Flash CS3 but I created an ActionScript 2.0 document. If you can’t help me with AS2, but only with AS3 it’s ok, I’ll handle it.

Thanks a lot !!! :slight_smile: