Angel, Heaven!

Hey guys, first question, does kirupa have some kind of “delete account when person hasn’t logged in for a month” thingy? I had an old account but it doesn’t work now.

Anyways, I’m planning on this site of mine and i know what it’s gonna look like but the problem is that i need a some kind of an angel because it is one of the most important parts in the header. The website is gonna be bright as you might’ve guessed.
I suck at drawing, and i dont know where to start! What should i do? Should i pay someone to do it or what? Please tell me what to do!

do a google search then trace it in vector

haha okay… :stuck_out_tongue:

“oh wait, isnt that breaking the copyright laws?”…

well not really…if you are recreating the image based on a image, you would be tracing it…Are you looking to do a photomanipulation or a vector. But good point

Did someone call? :beam:

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**Did someone call? :beam: **

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**:sigh: **


he needs someone to draw him an angel nt a real one Angela umm i mean Kitty :love:

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**he needs someone to draw him an angel nt a real one Angela umm i mean Kitty :love: **

haha very funny ;>

But I am, I have it in writing, remember? :beam:

And anyway, either way, I can help. I’ve got a few pics on my work PC that might be useful. I can attach them tomorrow when I get to my desk. Alternatively I could always draw you one… :slight_smile:

Wow, sure that’d be really cool! Thanks a lot Kit :wink:

OK, I don’t have FTP here at work, so it’s going to have to be attachments I’m afraid…

And another…

Wow you drew that Kitty?


Nice, ill see if i can do something creative with this ;D

Nope, I didn’t draw these. :slight_smile:

If they’re no good, doesn’t matter. And if you need something actually drawn, just let me know…

(Laslett - Just noticed your ‘loacation’. Nice. :beam:_

Not sure where purgatory is as I couild find an A-Z listing for it but where I live is colder than that so I figured it was “North of Purgatory”

Also changed my color scheme as

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may indicate that I was obsessing about you and I don’t want you to know that just yet. I’m waiting until I’m camped outside your door until I let you know you have you own friendly little stalker.

Fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Purgatory is in the South East, just so you know. :sure: Go right at the lights, you can’t miss it…

Full of savarn mankis

Kit, could you draw some vector graphics? An angel? :stuck_out_tongue: That’d be cool!