Fan Mail

I had a lovely email today from someone, complimenting me on my drawing in that tutorial I did. Hotmail refused to let me reply to it though, so whoever sent that, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

They did however say that I must be a very sensitive person - is that a chat-up line??? :stuck_out_tongue:

you know who’s gonna get blamed for this. :slight_smile:

I like the drawing as well. Even started working on my own from the tutorial. Don’t know when it will be done though.

It’ll be interesting to see, definitely. I’m curious to see how people interpret and build on ideas. :slight_smile:

I’ll agree with all of that except having sent the letter. Alas… I’m happily engaged.

As for sheer driving crazy potencial; I think that Reni is up on Kit for that Jesica Alba comment… but who’s keeping score.

You wait. I’m working on an alternative to the London Angel at the moment, kind of an ego / id thing. :evil:


you got any writing done up for the characters or is it just illustrations?

They would me outrageously good still panel characters for a strip based comic.

You know, I hadn’t thought of that. Just liked drawing them I guess. Always used to lose interest once I’d got the idea on paper / monitor.

Hehe, I can just see “The Adventures Of The London Angel”, online comic. :slight_smile:

And as a tribute to the great man, we have Elvis songs playing in the office today. I feel all inspired.

With you’re art, a lot of people would visit a london angel site.

For suggestions on how to get started: (even if you just go to look around it’s good experience) you might want to check out

both have lots of suggestions for people wishing to set up web comics.

Thanks, I think I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

She’ll need a sidekick though, and some comedy situationd to get into.

Any suggestions people? :slight_smile:

Well… I think if you do come up with a situational for her, you’ll need to have it apeal to British and American audiences.

You’ll probebly need to come up with some background too… like childhood stuff… just as a ruff draft to draw ideas off of.

I’ll be thinking on this in the meantime.

This is where the differences in American and British culture become aparent. :slight_smile:

Like when you say ‘pants’, we think something quite different.

Like our ‘handbag’ is your ‘purse’, and our ‘purse’ is your ‘pocketbook’.

Quite mad. :slight_smile:

and don’t forget ‘fanny’, not the same over here

so now you’re gonna have to tell me

what does pants mean in England?

how about fanny?