Animate kanji's in flash

Hi there!

this might be a little bit loosely coupled with Flash MX, but I want to give this topic a try anyway.

Here’s the thing:
I’m creating a site on learning Kanji’s (Japanese characters).
I want to make for every character a small animation showing how to write them (they consist of different strokes, to make things complicated). Of course this is a hell of job since there are thousands of kanji’s…

My question:
using a graphical tablet (eg) is it possible to create animations in flash for these kanji’s in an ultra-swift mode?
(consider: when lifting the pen from the board, could it go to a different frame automatically or could you do this with a macro or so).
Or should i find some support through a plugin?

thanks a bunch,


you could just hit F6 repeatedly while drawing on the tablet.
try it and see what happens.

you can simulate the actions my using motion guides and using your characters as a template.