Animate Scrolling HTML pages

I am trying to find out the best way to create a presentation for use on the web. I want to animate scrolling down a page. This can be an existing HTML page or (preferrably) a page I create to simulate an existing HTML page. This presentation will involve using many HTML pages (or simulating these pages). I will also want to animate clicking on a choice of radial buttons and links that will then take you to new pages. The presentation will function as a tour with voice over audio to accompany it.\r\rI am wondering if Flash is the best choice for this project, and I am wondering how to achieve the scrolling and clicking animations while presenting many pages without the presentation becoming a huge download. \r\rThe existing tour uses Real Player for streaming audio, and links to many HTML pages. But the presentation is too stagnant and lacks any dynamic features, no navigation. I am thinking that using the Flash Player would be better for the audience than Quick Time. We are concerned about making the viewer download software or plug-ins.\r\rAny ideas to guide me would be appreciated.\r\rThanks,\rCorrine

well… Flash could be used… to avoid the huge file size you could use the loadMovie(); method to load a number of separate swf files during run time.\r\rThere are a number of tricks involved to this. It may be hard to detail them all in a single post.\r\rAs for scrolling… to tell the truth, I’ve found that html scrolling is far superior to anything Flash can accomplish. For one thing, Flash does not yet recognise the third mouse button (scroll button) that is so previlant in todays mice. I hate scrolling in Flash myself.\r\rMy suggestion would be to use Flash for your audio files, but to keep it as html for the most part. Dynamic menu systems are pretty easy to do in Flash, or in DHTML.\r\rDo you have any examples online of what you’re project is going to look like? It would be easier to tell what you need if I could see something.

Thank you for your response.\r\rI don’t have examples of the new project as it is just an outline. I am researching the best methods and software to use for creation.\r\rThe old version is still online at:\rIt was created for use with the Real Audio Player. I had the idea to use Flash because I want navigation for jumping to different sections and I think the old version is too stagnant. I want to guide the viewer down a page (scrolling), animate clicking on a link or radial button to jump to another page, and highlight parts of a page. I am prepared to abandon these ideas if it is too problematic. An example of a page I want to scroll down is:\r[url=“”]\r\rIf you check out the old version, many of the HTML pages have changed, moved or have been removed. I want to make it canned, so that we don’t have to link to class pages that will change or be removed. I was considering taking screen shots of the existing pages and importing them into Flash as gifs. But I worry that this will make huge files.\r\rI also have a concern about the audio files adding too much to the size. I believe Flash will now let you use MP3 files rather than wav or aiff, but it can still be rather large for a 3-5 minute presentation.\r\rI read on the Macromedia website that:\r"Flash allows streaming audio that does not have to be fully downloaded before it starts playing. The audio begins playing almost immediately because the sound is divided into chunks that coincide with frames in the movie, called interleaving, much like QuickTime movies."\r\rSo this seems to say that the audio can work much like it does with the Real Audio Player.\r\rYour thoughts will be much appreciated,\rCorrine