Animated Cover Entries for Tycho's New Track

One of my favorite artists is Tycho, and his music has been a big part of the background soundtrack for most of the creative work I had been fiddling with over the past few years. When he announced a fun project to help design his new track’s cover art, I had to participate. Instead of going with static images, I decided to take some of my more popular animation postings over the years and use them as the cover art instead.

I created around 7 different animations in HTML, CSS, and JS, and you can see the full run-through of them in this video:

If you would like to see the individual animations in your browser and play with them yourself, below are the links to each one:

  1. Animated Gradients
  2. Red Concentric Circles
  3. Yellow and Blue Concentric Circles
  4. Blue Concentric Circles
  5. Blue Chaos
  6. Mellow Yellow
  7. Vertical Pink Pinstripes
  8. Horizontal Blue Pinstripes
  9. Never Ending Blue Circles

I had a blast creating this. Hopefully you all got something fun out of it as well. Let me know which of these are your favorites :stuck_out_tongue:


I like #5 (Blue Chaos) particularly. It would be nice if in addition to the “More Info” link at the bottom of each animation, there was also a link to the code that was used to create each one.

That’s a great idea. I’ll do that in the future :slight_smile: