Animated GIF imagemaps in ImageReady

I’ve created some imagemaps that I only want to be active in certain frames of the animated GIF … does anyone know how this can be achieved? Since an imagemap is essentially just the relevant image co-ords which will be the same in each frame, I’m guessing there may not be a solution … :upset:

please surprise me though! Thanks,


hmmm…I’ve never seen anything like that where a particular frame had an imagemap. You might need to use something like Flash to achieve that.

I seriously doubt theres anyway to do that with an animated gif. You could, however, animate the image progmatically allowing you do add/remove the image map coords to the image for whatever frames you need. Might be the approach to take.

Thanks sen - good point :¬) I think I’m going to create separate images and insert them randomly using php, which suits my purposes.
How would I go about animating ‘the image programatically’ if I wanted a specific order though (not the case here, but I can see that I might at some point)?


heres what I mean.

Great - much better than my idea. THANKS.

btw, just so you know, IE seems to crash sometimes if you click on an area map which is then immediately removed as done in the animation example above. To prevent this, use a javascript function instead of the url in the area map href and in that function, stop the interval (preventing the removal/img src change) and then call the url. Moz seemed to have no problems with it.