Animating in max 5

how do i do simple animations…
any one know any sites for tutorials

All the tut’s you’d ever need are posted here:

I don’t know how much on animation they have, but they’ve got just about everthing else and all the major sites where tuts are posted.

To animate is max is pretty easy. It’s mostly keyframe, but I believe in max 5 you have some curve based options as well. I’d stick to keyframing to begin with:

  • You select the object you want to animate, click on the animate button, move the keyframe slider to a different keyframe (set by default at a maximum of 100 frames but it’s easily changed). Move, rotate, or otherwise set the animation you wish to perform and max will interpolate the in-between(“tweened”) frames. Don’t forget to toggle off the animate button before you start modelling again.

yea but (atleast max4) is really “dumb” when it comes to animating.

yeah, I’ve had a few woes with max’s keyframing in Max3. I’m using 4 at the moment so I’m hoping when it comes time to animate it’ll be easier. It just tends to be so tedious to get what you want. I’ve animated a little with lightwave (older versions) and it seems more intuitive than Max. Discreet have been slow to add things that most other packages have as standard. Everything seems to come in plugins!