Animating more than one symbol

I would really like to create a Flash banner where I have two symbols, one at each end of the banner and then have them both move to join together side by side in the center of the banner and than fade out and have the same thing repeat for a different set of symbols. However, I was reading my Flash 5 book and it says that you can’t have multiple objects in your keyframes, yet I have seen this very effect accomplished by other people before. Or am I losing it completely?

Also, can anyone direct me to the sound tutorial on this site that will allow me to play multiple sound files, so that a different sound file will play each time the banner is loaded?


for the two movieclips you just have to make more than one layer. Put one MovieClip in Layer 1 and put the other movieClip in layer 2. For the sound, check out the tutorials section, the link is at the top of the screen, and if you poke around in there a little then you will find I think 2 sound tutorials, or you sould use Kirupas search…

So instead of making it as a graphic, I have to put one picture (i.e. equal to one movie clip) on one layer, insert a keyframe in, let’s say frame 10, move it to that spot and then insert another layer, insert another picture (movie clip) in it’s original position and then move that to it destination point in frame 10? I’m so confused. :frowning: I was saving each picture as a graphic, not as a movie clip.

save them as Movie Clips not graphics. I can’t really explain it. I’m not very good at that. I posted the fla so you can see what i mean. In the Fla see how each MovieCLip has its own layer? and then they are tweened?

<embed src=“” height=50 width=300><embed>

go here for the fla

Actually if it’s just tweening, you can turn them into graphic if you want.
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right, but movieclips are better incase he ever wants to put some actionscript on them then he won’t have to convert anything. just plannin ahead.

I know. But you were just tweening, dear.
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Well, I will be adding sound later, but for now, so as not to confuse myself, I want to link the flash banner to a particular URL only when the user clicks on it. I tried using the getURL() function but it just loaded up my site many times without me clicking on it. I know I am doing something wrong.

Btw, I am a girl. Hence, the name Selena under my original post and why I have Howie Dorough’s picture next to my name…:slight_smile:

you have to make a button, and then put the getURL function inside of that. Sorry about the sexist attitude…i didn’t really realize i was saying he…

I too belived you were a guy… And who’s Howie Dorough anyway ?? And Jubby, enough with this sexist attitude, please.

OK, so since you’re a girl, let’s make this step by step.
Make a big rectangle over your banner, and turn it into a button (press F8 and then button).
Open Wait a minute, I think there’s a tutorial about this on this site. anyway it’s not too long. Open the actions panel and type : on (press) {getURL(;}

But I really think there’s a tute about it somewhere.

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Well, I think I am a hopeless basket case because I did what you said (I even made the button on a separate layer) but it still loaded up the URL automatically…:frowning:

Hold up, there, pom. What do you mean “since you are a girl, let’s make this step by step”?? And Howie Dorough is a Backstreet Boy.

I do see an alpha sign but I WAS typing in the actions panel.

Can you send me the fla ? It has to be something really simple. [email protected]

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Bright idea : Are you sure you put the code in the actions panel of the button, and not in the timeline ??
It has to say object actions panel, and not frame actions panel. In other words, if you see a little alpha appear in your frames, that’s not a good sign.

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It’s not working. The motion between the two symbols (pictures of Howie) is now choppy (I had to move the button layer to the very bottom so it wouldn’t cover up the pictures and words), and when I do click on the banner, my site does appear to load but then my browser just freezes…:frowning:

Show me the money. mail is up somewhere.
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You could put your button on top, only invisible…

have you ladies and gentlemen, (and Pom) figured this out yet? I’ll write up a detailed explination if you have not, but I don’t want to write a page if you’ve already solved the problem.

The only thing is that I can’t figure out how to make a button invisible. When I put the button layer at the bottom (so it won’t cover anything up) the first picture’s movement in the motion tween to the center of the canvas is choppy while the other one glides smoothly.

Invisible button.

create a square of fill.
Select it, and hit F8, choose “button”
Double click on this button… you should see the four button states come up in the first four frames. ie UP OVER DOWN, and HIT. Grab and drag frame 1 which is full to frame 4 which is not.

Now go back to the main timeline. All you’ll see is a pale blue box where the fill was. This means that you have a button there with only a hit spot. When you do test it wont show up visibly, but it will be clickable.