Ok guys, easy question

i am trying to make a interface.
i am trying to figure out, how to make it so when i click an option in the menu, another layer will start (pop up within the same movie)

kinda like what soljah has in his footer for the sound option.

In the main timeline of the sig its only 2 frames long. In the first frame its everything you see below. The scrolling text, the spining logo and the menu button are all independant movie clips with the stop command in the appropriate places. Then the music tab has an invisible button over it with the action of:

on (release) {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp gotoAndPlay (2);

In frame 2 I placed the music menu which is a seperate movie clip with a stop action.

soljah, i really appreciate the help. but, i have no idea what you said.=(

i have only made movies where all the layers are in one movie.
how can i have two scenes going?

i think what you are saying is, have two scenes, and when people click music on your banner, it plays scene 2?

sorry. if it’s too much to explain i’ll understand.


i just tried something.

i made two layers.

one with one botton
and a second with some text.

in the botton layer one.

i put
gotoAndPlay (2);

in the basic actions

then i tested the movie, and it played later one, then two, then one etc, without me even clicking anything.

it just kinda blinked?

man, i hope i can get as good as you guys?

if you want to your second movie in a different swf altogether:


the “1” refers to the level it will load into. after loading it you can reference it with _level1.

if you want it to be in the same swf, make it a movie, select it and write this in the actionbox (it should say object actions in the titlebar):


then when you want it to appear:


hope it helps!

just read your post, we posted at the same time.

sounds like you need a stop(); action in frame one.

as with much of flash, there are a thousand ways to do it. the one i outlined above is only one.

have fun.

this is totally off the topic but when your asking a question!!! aren’t you suposed to state it in the title!!! not do wot you did and say “blah blah blah” there was a post on it not long back but maybe im the only one paying attenion!!

nice signature tho souljah

my question wouldnt have fit in the title very well?

I think he just cleared out a 4 foot bong just ignore the post lol your message was fine!

Wilk, Kirupa has a tutorial that explains it to you. Try it out and maybe it will help you understand. It took me a reallllly long time, like 48 hours straight to figure it out. I have grey hair now lol and I’m still not that good, but he does a good job of explaining how it works. Good luk!


yeah, i needed to simple put the stops in to stop it from blinking.

man, i love this board!

you guys are great