Animation effect trying to duplicate

I have visited this site on numerous occasions for the tutorials and I am now asking why did I take so long to join the forums. Anyway there is an effect seen @ Directly underneath the sign up for the newsletter, between news and the postcard that I am interested in. I would like to know how that animation is done. I have seen alot of other websites where the animation is done like that, and often wondered how it was created. I am working on a site, and would love to incorporate the same kind of feel to it. In fact all the transitional effects on the snow site are nice. I am however interested in figuring out how that particular one was created. What gets me is how the the actual image of the artist Snow is revealed with something like a mask that has contours. That ribbon looking thing that comes and swirls around him as well I am interested in. I figure if I learn one, I would be on my way to being able to create any kind of effect like it. Do forgive me if I have been poor in describing what I am trying to recreate. I posted this same question in another forum and after 35 views with no response, I thought I try here.

Thanks in Advance


like you said its just masks
i made an example

you will need to work on it to get it as good as the snow site but is the basics


Master 64,

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.