Animation Tutorial

Alright, how many people would be interested in reading a tut on doing character animations, cartoons, that kind of thing?

I’m thinking of writing one in addition to the line art thingy I did a while back, and wondered what people wanted to see. :slight_smile:

We wanna see the angle of london get neked o course. :slight_smile:

Seriously though. I certainly would like to see that tutorial done up. If you need any help with it let me know. I’ve got some good background on the subject already.

upuaut, your still horny as ever! The name didn’t change a thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

On the subject: I would love to see a character animation tutorial!

Yes :slight_smile: (the tutorial thing, not the naked thing. :))

Honestly, boys… One track minds, the lot of you. :slight_smile:

Very well, I shall give this some serious consideration. Thank you all for you input, even if it is that I get my kit off. :slight_smile:

nope… only one of us has a one track mind. :slight_smile:

and even that’s not true. I haven’t thought about naked women for over 5 minutes now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get on the phone to the Guiness Book of Records, shall I? :slight_smile:

Yeah the tut would be great!:pirate:

Alright… I’ll get working on it. Any input / suggestions from people would be appreciated, it can be a collaborative effort tutorial. :slight_smile: