Animationst not smooth

Im having a problem getting smooth movement in my animations. My first frame of my main movie contains alot of my clips so the 1st frame is 70k. Could that be the problem why some of the animations are jumpy (menus are not quick to snap on roll overs)…its built at 18fps. The final will be delived on a DVD to a client-so I was unsure if I can use a higher frame rate. (not sure of the speed of the computers that will be viewing later so I didnt want to make to intense).
Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

I am really trying too emulate the transitions (quick response and smoothness) as seen in

The first frame should not be a problem if you preload everything first…

is pre loading automatic since all the source files will be located on the DVD in the final presentation

no i was talking about a preloader script but since they’re gonna be located on a dvd, the problem must be something else… :h: It might be your processor speed.

im using a dual gig, G4, witha 1.25 gigs of ram so Im guessing thats not the problem…I think i figured one problem, i had a background of a grid pattern made up of about 150 hexagon shapes. Could that be to overwealming for the diplay to render in animaiton?
Thanks for you help by the way!