The movie doesn´t play smooth

Hi everyone! I`ve got a flash site which doesnt play smooth´! The site is not that heavy and I´ve tried not having many gradients and shape twinings.::!!! and still is not smooth…
At first the animation is ok but then it turns very slow!!!


are u loading stuff externally ? check for loops, the onEnterFrame … how heavy your images are ? what frame rate are u using? etc etc … it can be sooo many thing …

The site runs in slow motion here.
Nice looking site BTW.

remove those bubbles in the background, increase the frame rate:P

yup onenterframe crazyiness

thanks very much guy, I am just loading one movie clip externally…and just using a few images…in fact the file size is just 169 k…is not that much…I am using 48 fps, actually I tried increasing to 64 and nothing…is the same.

humans can’t pecieve anything beyond 30fps or something like that

it must be a processing thing, go through disabling stuff then add it one by one, to find what it is

Cheers mate! I`ll try that

I ma using a lot of masking…do you think that it would be the problem?

masking can be iffy, although as said some onenterframe stuff might be going on.

[QUOTE=randomagain;2345585]humans can’t pecieve anything beyond 30fps or something like that[/QUOTE]

Precompiled video at a constant 30fps appears seamless on a 60hz television.(1:2 frame/refresh)
Interactive computer animations have their own separate set of issues that do not conform to this axiom.
Tournament videogame players will back me up on this point; 60hz systems are not fast enough to be competitive, and a 30hz system is virtually unplayable.

Flash framerate setting is just a ceiling or “cap”; the actual framerate may vary considerably below this setting, depending on the system running it.
Here’s a file that demonstrates the effect of various framerate settings in Flash.

Setting the Flash framerate cap to a number that is a realistic minimum framerate is probably the key to consistency.
The example in this thread of “48fps” probably never actually occurs.
I’ll bet that file is running at less than 10fps on the vast majority of systems, evidenced by the “bullet time” page loading.

The multiple layers of scrolling background bitmaps are probably the reason the site is so sluggish.
I think I would completely remove this element and test the site to see if it runs faster.
I would also set the framerate to a more realistic value.