Annoying Error Message

Sup y’all,

I’m getting this really annoying error message when I try to view an .htm file that has a few of my .swfs in it. Every time I refresh the browser to see my changes it says:

**Macromedia Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation.

The following local application on your computer or network:


is trying to communicate with this Internet-enbabled location:


To let this application communicate with the Inernet, click Settings.
You must restart the application after changing your settings.**

Well no **** Sherlock, of course my files need to be connected for it to show on the page. Sometimes Flash is f’d up seriously. I was wondering how I can get rid of this. Changing my ‘settings’ is not a concern because I don’t want this to be showing at all - not just for me, I don’t want it to show up for all the people that visit our website when I upload this new page to our server.

Thanks for any help, and excuse my language…it’s like 6am