Annoying Flash Player 9 Security Issues

Hey Everyone.

As it’s only appropriate to start a new thread with a recognition of all the great help this forum and its members provide - this statement acts as such!
:hugegrin: (- seriously, I’m very very grateful!)

Alright, here we go: Basically I’ve made a small flash movie to showcase an album I’ve released and it is to be placed on my website.

Basically I’m running into problems clicking on the links I made in the movie, since they lead to different domains. Of course I can figure out changing the security settings in my own Flash Player to let me go there, but people shouldn’t have to do that, should they be interested in buying the album on iTunes and such.
Basically from a convenience point of view, it should be as easy for people as possible to get to the album in various stores.

Is there any way to get around these security restrictions - or do I have to give up the flash links and just use HTML?

Thank you - any help is appreciated.

/* Edit */
I figured it out:
Uploading it to your server - and:
Adding a crossdomain.xml file to the server root - and:
changing <allowScriptAccess> to ‘always’
helps a lot. :smiley:

It’s important to note, that this only works when it’s run from the server- IE it won’t work on your local machine.