Anogar's blog / portfolio is almost done... thoughts?

So, my site is getting there. It’s a collection of some of my recent work, as well as blog posts on AS3, Django, random Linux musings, etc.

[SIZE=“3”]Linky. [/SIZE]

As I noted, it’s still in progress, but I’d be interested to get some feedback from you guys. Here are some things that I’m not totally satisfied with - lemme know if you guys agree or disagree.

[]Recent work column on the homepage. I’m just not totally happy with it.
]My site looks like poo on XP with the default jaggedy arse lookin aliasing. It hurts me.
[]Not sure I’m happy about the styling of the ‘search’ form.
]I feel like the post titles on the home page don’t really read incredibly easily. The one line titles are okay, but the longer ones just sorta muddle together. I’m considering having a shorter headline field and then a byline for description and SEO keywords and such.

There are some other small items, but those are the ones off the top of my head.


-Ryan :cantlook: