Another article related to the 2020 Flash EOL

Nothing super new here, although the bit about the Macromedia acquisition being mostly about Flash and not their other apps was news to me.

Jonathan Gay and Eric Zocher both point to earlier events as the turning point. For Gay, the mistake was turning Flash into an enterprise platform—a process that began back at Macromedia.

Sounds like MXML and the RIA components that I never got super into.

I appreciated some of the comments in the associated HN post:

I laugh when people blame Flash for messy interfaces. Mess is a necessary bi product of human creativity.

Today, when I’m on a large team and we are all jiving, and creating something cool with all of the various abilities and skill sets(designers, front end coders, back end coders, server admins) there are moments when I feel a ghost of the power and sheer fun what I felt using Flash.

I still think that Macromedia Flash was the best introduction to programming I could have had and I can’t for the life of me see why Scratch has become the defacto introductory thing for programming for kids

Flash was almost like an early glimpse into what the future of web technologies would eventually become.


This was a really good read! :+1:

The enterprise angle is an interesting one. I wasn’t a huge fan of it either, for my reasons for using Flash were more on the creative side and less on the “let’s display large amounts of data” side. If it wasn’t for Flash’s enterprise push, I don’t know if Microsoft would have decided to build Silverlight as a competitor.

Also, Eric Zocher was my hiring manager when I joined Microsoft, so I’ve heard some of these comments from him first-hand! :slight_smile: