Thoughts on "HTML5 does not replace the best parts of flash"

I agree wholeheartedly with this Tweet thread. I get all the issues with Flash but is there anything comparable to Flash? Is there any program or platform that a 13-year-old kid, such as myself back in the day, could start making dumb animations with trying to be the next Homestar Runner and sprinkle a little ActionScript in as needed to make play and pause buttons, all the way up to building professional games? It seems like the motion graphics world is using AfterEffects and the development world is using JavaScript but there is nothing that effectively marries these things the way Flash did. Am I missing out on some fantastic motion graphics program?
Is this something that I need to dedicate the next decade of my life to building as an open-source project :exploding_head: :laughing:

I’m curious too. Feels like Flash came from an era where “multimedia” was a plausible format. You could create vector & bitmap drawings, static animations, interactive animations, games, videos, websites, documents (Flash Paper), apps (AIR), and so on – all using the same editor and output format, more-or-less.

These days, formats seem to be a bit more purpose-built or domain-specific, which is great if that’s what you want. But it does seem like there’s less activity around exploring the gradients between all those specific tools, which makes it harder to learn or swap between them. (As an aside, the educational aspect has essentially been converted to be domain-specific too: you can find all sorts of quality resources for each narrow silo (Scratch and Minecraft come to mind), but fewer for the more mixed and flexible approach that Flash authoring was good at.)

The web meets most of the technical requirements for the output format, but fails to be a practical distribution approach for most output types other than what we’d call a typical web site. The web mostly fails on the authoring side as well, although I haven’t used tools other than text editors for the web in a long time, so there may be tools I don’t know about there.

Yeah, probably. There are a ton out there like saola animate that you just don’t know about because they’re not a boxed product released by a large or well known software company. Plus we live in an era where app stores and websites have flooded the market with products so it’s hard to know what’s out there. And if you do find something, who knows how long it will last or be supported. Of course you have that same problem with adobe :upside_down_face: