Another awesome 3d site

Whoswe is definatly kicking… has anyone seen this site?
ok maybe it’s not totaly 3d…but it rocks

OMG That’s awesome!

lol! he dropped one of his horns! :stuck_out_tongue:
He became a bomb! :stuck_out_tongue:

SO cool. i kicked his *** LOL

Damm ppl. I’ve seen all these site’s.

how long can this alien take this beating?

i saw it, but it is still SOO good, esp cause its not done

oh cool! i never knew you could beat him up! ok htis site is that much better now!

zzz i hope this boring thing is the loading screen zzz

ah yes it is. cool site!

does it take long to load for a 56k morse? cause it seems like it could be big…

like 10 minutes

Oh definately a site which needs a high speed connection…
I think the site is cool, alot of though and planning went into this. a friend turned me on to this site a few months ago… I liked it though i would share it with you all

yeah it deffenatly is a cool site

yeah, this site is amazing
its been one of my favorites for a few months… good find, again

ive seen this site before, but its still very cool. :slight_smile: