Another external swf problem!

hi, i have another external swf problem. though not so urgent this time. :smiley:

i have an swf which is just some text mc’s.
when i load it, it isnt placed right. and if i move the blank mc that loads the swf, it doesnt change when i test it.

why could this be? i’ll try and post a fla in a minute.

the fla is too big, and i cut it down too!! :frowning:

if anyone would be so kind as to lend me some space on their host. only 1.7 MB, and only untill a few people download it.

i know its cheacky, but my host is down for a few days and i really need help with this.

thanks in advance…

i have an swf which is just some text mc’s.

1.7 meg!!! Thats a hell of a lot of text

lol, no. the main movie is 1.7 MB, the external swf (text) is 4k!! :smiley:

ok, i fixed it, but it was very strange.

what i had to do was open the external swf fla, and move the text mc from there. i had to move it so that it was nerley completley off the stage. only a small bit was showing (so if i test movie, only a corner of the text is showing) but when i tested the main site, the text appered like normal, in the right place.

surley there’s an easier way to move external content…:bu: