Another q

Alright so it isn’t a Q about MX but hey, everyone checks this form. Maybe someone with some knowledge of html and java can help me out, i need to preload some images. Can someone help me out w/ the code?

They go to index.html and they have to click enter here to enter the site, but in the time that it takes them to click that enter button, it is already loading the images for the site that the “enter here” button will take them so it loads faster.


»» JuiceTheRide ««

I’m not sure that millisecond of load time would really matter that much. Keep the page size small and you won’t have to worry about it, and don’t post questions with the title “another q” Give the title something like:

“Webpage Load time (Help with HTML or JAVASCRIPT)”

more people will view it. We typically tend to look at the ones that say “Help me!” or “I have a questions” or “QUICK MY GRANDMOTHER IS ON FIRE AND I NEED A STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL ON HOW TO USE THE EXTINGUISHER!!!” or “Mi grama a flambe”

Something short and to the point that has to do with the post.