Another quick question

Ive made a multi-scene website for my friend, and i wanted to put music that keeps playing even if you change scenes. is this possible and if so could someone point me to somewhere that can tell me how to do it?

thanks very much

god loves ya

Why why why why why why why are you using more than one scene?

It’s an honest question… I just don’t understand why people do. There is no reason to, and it just subtracts from the versitility of the poject.

My advice is to pack everything into your first scene… then your music will just work right.

Dear Upuaut8,
Could you do me a favor and I think a great many other people? Put down the basics of what you know about laying out a page. How many scenes (you say 1), how the movies should be layed out on that scene, how to separate by labels, expressions, yada, yada…How to use telltarget, how to loadmovienum, etc,…I know you are very capable and there are a great many peole like me who learn slowly, thus why Kirupa has aptly called me flashhopper. We all would learn a lot faster if someone like you or kirupa would spell out every step, lay out principles, and why…Where do the actions go, the labels? How do you make sure one button doesn’t function while under another movie. Yada, yada. It is really frustrating, and i am sure you know this by experience when you have to learn tidbit by tidbit and by mistake only, because someone is nebulous about their instructions. And I know your not without compassion o goateed one who sits in front of his neon screen! :slight_smile: Your helpful, very much so. just remember how much their is to learn and try to spell thing out over and over. Thanks for all your good reading material, btw~! But many of us could learn quicker if some of the above principles were followed. We all want to be good and professional at building. But it comes with time and patience from such people as you and Kirupa. And you guys are patient and abudantly helpful. But remember there are those of us who learn, well, slower than others…and stuff…eh eh. :slight_smile: Thanks for your dedication and all your helps.


Quite a long plead… :wink:
1/have the 2 top or bottom layers always reserved for labels and actions, name them (and all other labels) accordingly
2/do not use goto with frame numbers, else you’ll have to change actions as soon as you modify s’thing, use labels, works better too
3/name and organize your library content into folders
4/try to make your clips self-contained, so you can reuse them easily in other anims
5/if you use functions to be called upon from within different parts/ clips, have them on frame 1 of _root, easiest path and they’ll be available right from the start
6/use comments all over the place (// on a label will get you a comment), so you’ll know in a months time what you were doing, and why this is here and that is there and so on…

–these are just some basic principles–

The only advantage I found so far to multiple scenes (this was used for my site) is that you can testMovie each scene, which will give you an independent swf for each, which is nice if you want to put them on different html pages: you get the swf for each page while keeping your fla in one place…
Else I’d also use one scene, put only the basic layout into _root, and everything else into independent clips, means you just need to change one clip to (for example) change the background color of the whole thing! you could have a basic textbox_with_scroll clip and use it in different parts of your site…so many possibilities…
Have phun…

… I use as many scenes as I can. Nothing drives me insane like having to go through 463 frames just to fix one tiny little thing. I change the scene every time there’s a background change - which, granted, never happens in signatures or navigation bars or anything like that, but is UNCANNILY useful in Animations or, more practically, 1-Flash Presentation Websites (which typically suck, but what the hell). With a 1-Flash Presentation Website, I make it so that when you click on a button it flips a switch and fades to black, then figures out which switch you flipped and takes you to the according scene - starting off black and fading it. It’s a hell of a lot easier to work with then “While, I think THIS is where the F.A.Q.s section is…”

Just felt the need to say that after upuat’s constant never ending whining about scenes every time someone even thinks of mentioning them.

but I totally support Upuaut. And Phil’s idea too, even though I only read a few lines of it.

If I am to not use goto with frame numbers, how then? Do I label everything, then telltarget to play label? I figured out what you said about the folders thing and will do that.

What do you mean by make my clips ‘self-contained’?

And lastly; Do you mean that I put almost everything on frame one of scene 1 in answer#5. Is that the _ root?


I think, when it comes down to it, the usability of scenes depends on what you’re doing.

I’d defienately use scenes for Nine Inch Nails’s website.

I wouldn’t even think of using scenes for Pom’s “boom” that he likes so much. I wouldn’t even use more than one frame, though, so…

What does it have to do in the so important conversation anyway ?
Anyway, you can use scenes, of course, but why make your life harder than it already is ??

Because it’s so much more organised! That’s like asking “Why use Movie Clips?” I mean, granted, they’re only useful on big projects, but still…

I disagree. but I’m happy to know that people disagree with me. I’m not right or wrong on this issue, I just have a strong opinion.

Since I’ve started using Flash, I’ve read about 20 books, and uncountable web pages worth of material. Almost all of the masters agree with me. Scenes, in most cases, are over used, and unnessesary.

IF you need that sort of organization, the please, by all means, use scenes, extra layers, and what ever else you need. I’ll tell you nothing pisses me off more than opening a tutorial FLA and finding action script on the same layer with media elements. Will it screw up the Flash production? Probebly not, but it makes it hell on earth trying to sort through the project.
I’ll admit that scenes DO add organization to a project. I personaly have never gotten a good handle on the scene name’s with regards to gotoAndPlay(); commands. Certainly there are some who have no problem with it.

As for the request… that’s why I’ve been away so much of late. I am working on my tutorial section for, and am behind schedual of course… but it will most certainly contain a great deal of Newbie information. Phylosophy of flash and stuff like that.

Although… for the record… it’s nothing at all like saying “why use movie clips?”

extra scenes have one use and one use only. Organization… they serve no purpose other than that. Movie clips are a vital part of flash production, which have very little to do with organization.
But I get your point liveAcoustic… I’ll try to be less pissy about people using scenes.