Question on Scenes

Hello everyone Im new here and have a question. I know this will sound like a nubie question, and I hope noone thinks im an idiot but I know that i hve to start somewhere, and im hoping someone here will help me, out. I want to make a website in Flash5, I want to make each page with a button on the bottem that will take you to the next scene, but after I create the initial scene, i dont know how to make a new scene in the same move, can anyone PLEASE help a nubie!!??

idiots are people who choose not to ask a question, and there’s nothing wrong with being new to a program.

A question you should ask yourself at this point is this… how big is this movie going to be total? Are you going to include a lot of imported media, like JPG’s and such? If your end file size is going to be large then you’ll want to start looking into the idea of loading movies into each other. It’s actually pretty simple. Loading movies is good for large sections of content because you wont make your viewer wait years to download a complete file. You’ll be downloading what he/she needs when he/she needs it.

Scenes are easy… especially for newbies. It’s a good starting place for leaning how to make your play heads move around.

Menu option “Insert/Scene” inserts a scene after the current scene. The “scene” panel can be accessed with the other panels. It allows quick navigation between scenes.

You should start using frame labels. A gotoAndPlay() or gotoAndStop() command will take a frame number, BUT Flash doesn’t really understand scenes well. When published a movie compresses all of the scenes into one timeline anyway, or something like that. So it’s just a good idea to create a new layer in your movie just for frame labels.
These are created by selecting a frame on the timeline, creating a keyframe there, and entering a name in the “Frame” panel.
Goto statements then would look like this.


you know… I’m doing an experiment here on this item. I’m still interested in how this works in Flash… like in depth research. I’m finding the simple code of

on (release) {
gotoAndStop (“Scene 2”, 1);

works fine. That is not with a frame label. Maybe I’m just wrong on that issue…

The reason i want to know is, im a nubie but i want to do a site simmilaer to this:

and from the little bit of flash that I know, i was assuming that he did this with scenes. Was that a correct guess??

Well that’s pretty cool… and you could possibly do that relatively quickly. You will have to do some reading and tutorials if you want to get to that point.

I would say that they are probebly using scenes, but not definitively. I didn’t take a full run around. To tell the truth I was hoping that there was a way back to the first navigation sequence, but I didn’t find one.

There are however a lot of different things going on in this site. It has random movement on some words… we’ve covered that topic around here; they have some line following stuff in the opening navigation… we’ve covered that.

I’d suggest checking out the tutorials on, and checking out the “best of Kirupa” section below where we’re squirling away particularly good posts that explain something well, or indepth, or both.

thanks man, I appericate your help