Another sucker with a formmail problem

I know there are a lot of posts on this forum regarding e-mailers or formmail, and a lot of replies suggesting that people search the forums , but can some one check this fla for me and see if I’m missing something really stupid. I followed the tute at Flashkit and my server definately has from mail on it.

I’ve uploaded the swf so you can check the error response I get.

I really want to avoid refering my users to a crapy html page.

I know this is an age old subject but any help would really help me out and stop me staring at that noose hanging from my ceiling.

Anyone… anyone…?

Well… i’ve taken a look at it, and seeing as I have had problems before with mailing things…

The easiest way is to keep it all within flash. If you MUST have it call an outside file from another server:

I need to see that code before telling you if anything is wrong.

I would suggest having a .php or .php3 file within the same directory as your main.swf that has your mailing swf in it. Then call it from your submit. Use :


	loadVariables("sendform.php", this, "POST");
	returnmessage = "Sending message in progress ...";


What you are doing is loading your sendform.php file and then going to a frame right after this one. That frame says:

if(is_sent == 1){

On the frame after that:

gotoAndPlay ("second");

So what you are doing is calling your php file, it posts that info to it, all your mailing code is in it, along with a variable “is_sent” that says it is equal to “1” when it has been successfully sent. Your flash script keeps looping until that happens. I have a dynamic text box with the variable “returnmessage” that says it is sending. In your php file, identify that this variable now equals “now sent”

If you need further help, let me know, I’ll shoot over a test .fla


I have used quite a bit and this could be happening if: 1 you don’t have the configured to the proper recipient. Go to the README. Also on HTML pages there needs to be a hidden value. such as

<input type=“hidden” value="[email protected]" name="recipient

I hope that helps!

<input type=“hidden” value="[email protected]" name=“recipient”>

input type=“hidden” value="[email protected]" name=“recipient”

Thanks a lot Danno, that seems to be exactly what I want. I’ve heard some dubious things about form mail so I’d love to avoid calling scripts that someone else has configured. But I must warn you, I come from a design rather than programming background and i’m a newbie at actionscript and I wouldn’t know a PHP script if it sneaked into my bed.

Will my server run a PHP script? Will I need to configure anything? And where do I get the script from?

I should probably do a bit of research so I atleast know what these languages are.

Thanks again, I was running out of excuses for my client.

Cheers Nova, sorry I’m a bit out of sync with this post.

I used the set variable function to define the recipient and I also tried using an input text field with the variable “recipient” and my e-mali address in it.

I just think that frommail is crap with flash, I got it working with html.

I dunno?



The best thing is to yes, check and see if your server handles php , and along with Sendmail commands. Once you find that out, post a message here, or send a private message to me and i’ll get ya the flash file, the .php script and get ya goin.


You are really too kind. I’ll get on it.

This forum is great. Just when a problem makes you wanna give it all up and take up knitting instead, someone just drops a couple of pearls and you get going again.

This is what the internet is for!!

Cheers and whats the weather like in Arizona? We have blizzards here in London.

Bummer, Looks like my server doesn’t allow PHP at the moment.

Mmmm. What to do?:frowning:

get a new server!

there’s really nothing else to do…

if you wanna use php, gotta find one that does.

Whether is beautiful here… 76 degrees F. (i know… we don’t use the same system as EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD!)

I’m assuming you are wanting one that is for the uk… i have no help for ya. I know of some states-side hosting companies that are just amazing. Let me know if there’s anything else i can do for ya.

Just figured out a way! My friend/client has PHP on the server he uses and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I pop my little website on his 500mb of space.

So if you don’t mind Danno I’d love it if you could send me the fla and the php files you were talking about.:slight_smile:

Also could you tell me what else PHP can do? All this server side stuff is a mystery to me and I think I should know at least a bit about it by now.

thanks again Danno.