Anti alias text probs

I am having a prob anti aliasing my text in my moive. I tried both arial and times at 16 font size. I also convert the text to a graphic. I do need to do that to fade up with the alpha control, right? Anti-alias looks great on the stage. I am delighted with the look…but…when I publish and look at it in a browser…it doesnt look anti-aliased at all. Anything step I am missing?

This is my first site with MX…I was doing so well with flash 4 ! lol at 4! :cowboy:

Thanks for any help you can give.

have you looked here:

are you using dynamic text? if so, embed the font…

EDIT: also check to make sure you are publishing in High Quality…


ya know when you have been working WAYYYYYYYYYYY too many hours? Well that is me. It was the quality setting. It is perfect now. I needed help from someone not working on two hours sleep! LOL Thank you so much! I think it is time for a break!

glad I could help… :nerd:

now, go get some sleep

Rev :elderly: