Pixelfonts anti-aliased !?

Hey! I’ve tried absolutely everything found here, but the blasted fonts are still anti-aliased. (FLASH MX)

The font is FFF Galaxy (from fontsforflash/freebies) or any other pixel font, for that matter, its size is 8, its x & y positions are whole numbers, it’s a dynamic text, line type is “Single line”, text is left-justified.

problem #1: If I embed characters, text gets anti-aliased. If I don’t embed, nobody will see it properly.
problem #2: if I break text apart, using CTRL+B command, text gets anti-aliased again. I know that I should set the “publish” quality to “low”, but I want to keep the anti-alias on other objects.

Can anybody help, please? How do I anti-alias background (which was made in AdobeIllustrator), but keep the text crisp?

when you type the text usw dyanmic boxes not standard.

here use this;

hope that helped

nope, but thanx anyway

is it a font or are you making them as images

I don’t know how, but it seems to be working properly now … I just started from scratch and it works.

I think the problem could be my use of within symbols and the coordinates in them. :sigh:

Thanx again

getting pixel fonts to be crisp all the time can be aggravating. you have to make sure that each symbol that contains the text is on whole pixels as well. this will ensure crisp text all the time :slight_smile:

are you sure you checked the option anti-alias and NOT anti-alias text in the menu ?

afaik that only makes a difference in Flash itself mlk. So either way, unless you make the text dynamic, or sort out the pixels, it will always be anti-aliased in the final swf.

aha now THAT solves a few of my problems… stupid me.